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I used to own a Blackberry.

Hi, my name is Mario Bergés. I spend most of my time conducting engineering research at Carnegie Mellon University, in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, where I am an Assistant Professor since 2010.

I am interested in making our built environment more operationally efficient and robust through the use of information technologies, so that it can better deal with future resource constraints and a changing environment. In other words, I am interested in providing buildings, and other man-made structures that support our urban environment, with the ability to sense, plan and act autonomously, just as many living organisms do.

When I am not busy leading a research lab (INFERLab) or teaching, I am either traveling, scouring the Internet for new information or enjoying/creating arts.

Feel free to browse through the other sections of this site if you are interested in learning more about myself or my work.